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Father's Faith Leads To Miraculous Joint Discovery

Never underestimate the power of prayer and the eternal love of a father for his child.

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Eugene Moore desperately sought a way to ease his daughter’s suffering. His little girl was born with a rare case of rheumatoid arthritis that left her in constant pain and wheelchair-bound.

Years of doctor visits, expensive treatments, and physical therapy did nothing to ease her suffering — and as her distress increased, so did Dr. Moore’s frustration. He prayed relentlessly for a solution and began devoting every free moment he had to researching joint remedies and treatments.

The Search For a New Hope

On one of those sleepless nights, he was on the brink of giving up completely. He had gone through too many studies to count and not a single one offered any sort of hope.

Defeated, he picked up his Bible praying to stumble upon a miracle and in doing so accidentally knocked a pile of papers onto the floor. He bent down to grab them when something caught his eye. It was a report he hadn’t noticed before with the title, “Is Collagen The New Miracle Joint Compound?”

Intrigued, he skimmed the document and was completely floored by what he read. Could collagen be the divine revelation he was looking for?

He immediately began experimenting with every form of collagen he could acquire. Through trial and error and continued prayer, Dr. Moore discovered that when he kept the collagen uncooked (or undenatured) it enhanced its effectiveness.

And it was this undenatured collagen that radically improved his daughter’s mobility and flexibility, and drastically reduced her joint discomfort.(1)

Bringing This Revelation To The Masses

Dr. Moore felt called to share his discovery with the world, so no one would have to suffer the way his daughter did. He showed these findings to his colleagues and soon after a standardized undenatured collagen was developed, called UC-II®. The research community was completely shocked to find it was twice as powerful as both glucosamine and chondroitin(2), but Dr. Moore knew it was divine intervention.

As he continued to share these findings, he was shocked to learn that the research and development team from 1MD wanted to take this discovery a step further so that everyone could experience the miraculous joint relief that Dr. Moore's daughter finally received.

The Creation of The Most Powerful Joint Relief Supplement… Ever

With the powerful combination of UC-II® Collagen, Longvida® Optimized Curcumin, and WokVel® Boswellia Serrata, 1MD created the most potent joint relief supplement on the market.

EasyFlex is the first, and still the only, joint health supplement of its kind to combine these three powerful ingredients and because 1MD, along with Dr. Moore, believe that everyone deserves to feel their best again, they're offering a two-week trial of EasyFlex for free (with $4.95 S&H).

So if you’ve been suffering from joint health issues then you don't have to wait any longer... because this is the miracle you've been praying for.

Click the link below to see if you’re eligible for their free trial, and start your journey to better mobility.


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