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5 Secrets to Simplifying Your Home Cleaning Routine

Cleaning Doesn't Have to Be a Back-Breaking Chore if You Do It the Right Way

When people have a lot of time to spend at home, cleaning the house is often the last thing that they want to do at any point. Few people want to come home from work in order to do chores and to run errands. However, this is partly because the effort of keeping everything clean and tidy seems to require too much effort and energy.

People who learn more efficient ways to organize everything and to do their spring cleaning in general might not mind it as much. Cleaning still might never be fun for a lot of people. However, it still might not be as bad, and that might be enough to motivate people to clean more often. There's also health reasons to consider.

People who learn how to make use of common household items during cleaning sessions won't have to run as many errands. People who learn simple tricks will end up with clean homes despite investing less time, energy, and money.

Here are some corner-cutting tips that take the pressure off of housework and make it easier:

Multiple Uses for Dryer Sheets

A lot of people struggle with dusting. This is partly because in all likelihood, they are using a rag and some special chemicals in order to get it done. However, it's actually possible to dust effectively and to remove pet hair and human hair all at the same time by using dryer sheets. Just wiping the area with a dryer sheet can remove the dust, dirt, and stray hairs from any species.

While people will probably still need to vacuum in order to fully clean their floors, dryer sheets can at least get the job started. People can wipe away some debris on the floor using dryer sheets, which have the advantage of being quieter and less-energy intensive than vacuums.

Using a slightly wet dryer sheet can help people remove all of the soap scum in a bathroom. All they have to do is wipe it off with the damp dryer sheet and then rinse, and the area will look cleaner than it has in months. Dryer sheets have the advantage of being able to remove odors while they remove stains. They can make everything smell fresh and look fresh at the same time.

New Ways to Clean Old Fabrics

Cleaning a sofa is a hugely unpleasant and difficult chore at the best of times. In many cases, it won't even work. However, people can mix together a lot of different common household products in order to create a cleaning solution that will truly work wonders for the people who are trying to make the couch or other older fabrics look new again.

The ingredients for the cleaning solution include water, fabric softener, alcohol, baking soda, and table vinegar. People just have to shake the bottle and all of these ingredients will combine perfectly in order to make the perfect spray-on cleaning solution. After spraying some of this on the sofa and then scrubbing with a brush, the sofa will look like it did years ago.

People can also certainly use dryer sheets in order to remove hairs and similar types of debris from sofas, although the dryer sheets will only be able to remove so much. Using the dryer sheets in conjunction with the cleaning solution on the couch will truly lead to a pristine sofa that will seem fresh and new.

Some people will also be able to use baby wipes to achieve a similar effect. Baby wipes are great at removing powder and a lot of similar types of debris from fabric, including black fabric. People just have to rub the stains out with the baby wipes, and the fabric will look like it's completely clean again.

Healthier Dish Washing

Cleaning a greasy pan is often difficult enough that a lot of people don't want to bother cooking anything that even requires a pan in the first place. However, people don't need a lot of harsh chemicals in order to clean something like this. They just need to take a slice of lemon and add some common table salt to the lemon. Scrubbing against the pan using the salted lemon will often be enough to really get all of the grime and stains off of the pan. The best thing you can do is make eco-friendly changes to your cleaning routine.

Cleaning the Microwave

Since cleaning the microwave often requires a lot of awkward reaching and angling, some people just try to hope that the heat from the microwave will sterilize everything inside. However, it might be possible to clean the microwave in a way that is really easy just by letting water vapor do its job. This method involves mixing two tablespoons of lemon juice with three quarters of a cup of water and heating it all to the point where everything is boiling.

Then, people just need to leave the lemon water in the microwave for a period of about ten minutes or so. From there, people just need to wipe down the entire surface with a clean cloth, and they'll find that the stains should manage to wipe away quickly and easily.

The Easy Way to Keep Floors Tidy

People are well aware of the fact that prevention is more effective than any remedy ever will be, and that goes for cleaning as well. One of the main things that people do that gets the floor dirty without fail just involves walking around with shoes.

People who invest in a nice shoe rack by the door will almost always end up with much cleaner and more sterile floors as a result. Their homes will also look significantly tidier at the same time. A shoe rack can make any household look much more organized, while genuinely making it cleaner.

The Takeaway

People really don't need to invest in a lot of toxic chemicals to get a clean home. It's possible to keep the house clean with things like dryer sheets, fresh lemons, baking soda, vinegar, baby wipes, alcohol, fabric softener, and soap. In some cases, taking preventative measures like using a shoe rack can make a huge difference for the people who are trying to save themselves some time with cleaning the floors.


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