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How I Combat Debilitating Joint Pain WITHOUT Surgery

My joint pain was so unbearable I had to retire early from the military... and then I discovered a life-changing solution.

Hello, my name is Robert Finley. I’m a proud United States military veteran and today I want to share with you a personal story.

You see, during my third tour of Iraq I was standing too close to a landmine that detonated and sent debris flying everywhere. The force from the explosion sent me flying back and knocked me out.

When I came back to consciousness, the lower half of my body was buried under rubble and bricks. As a result, I suffered a concussion and bone fractures.

Considering the size of the explosion, I thank God everyday that my injuries were relatively small.

In The Aftermath Of The Accident 

Although my injuries weren’t terrible and I was able to keep all my limbs, it still took months for me to recover. However, my back and knees were never the same.

From then on, when I would strap on my heavy backpack and equipment, I’d get a sharp pain in my lower back and my knees felt incredibly stiff and creaky.

It was only getting worse and I found myself popping ibuprofen daily just to ease the pain. But since I was taking ibuprofen daily, my body was becoming used to it and the pain kept coming back.

So I continued to up my dosage of ibuprofen and my body continued to build up a tolerance to it...

I knew that this couldn’t be good for my health, so I went back to the army doctor, who examined me and determined that because of the accident I had osteoarthritis. He also said that my osteoarthritis was quickly worsening and I would need a knee replacement surgery within a year.

I felt trapped and frustrated knowing that my body was limiting my potential.

It Only Worsened When I Got Home 

Not long after that, I decided that after 5 years of serving in the military, it was time for me to retire and move back home to Mason, Michigan.

One of the first things I did when I got home was try to schedule an appointment at the nearest VA hospital in Lansing. But that turned into another nightmare I was not prepared for…

First, reaching the right person in order to even make an appointment took weeks. And when I was finally able to get through, it would be months before a doctor could see me.

And in the meantime, my joint pain was getting worse and worse… I couldn’t play basketball (my favorite pastime), I couldn’t go on walks, and simple things like going to the grocery store were becoming unbearable.

There had to be something else out there that could help manage this pain and heal my joints. Since it would be months before I could see a doctor, I decided to take matters into my own hands...

My Life-Changing Discovery

I dove deep into research, looking for solutions that have been scientifically studied. That’s when I found EasyFlex by 1MD, a joint health supplement that would soon change my life.

EasyFlex is a powerful doctor-formulated supplement that’s made with high-quality, clinically-tested ingredients.

The three key powerhouse ingredients in EasyFlex — Longvida® Optimized Curcumin, WokVel® Boswellia Serrata, and UC-II® — work together to increase flexibility, improve joint health, and most importantly decrease discomfort.

So after learning about all the amazing benefits of these ingredients and reading other people’s success stories with EasyFlex, I decided to give it a try.

I’m so happy I did... because after just two weeks of taking EasyFlex everyday, I started to feel a difference in my joints. And after six weeks, I was able to play basketball, go to the grocery store, and just live my life.

After nearly a year of struggling, I was finally starting to feel like myself again.

When my appointment at the VA came around, I was shocked to find out that my X-rays and physical all came back with positive results! My joint health had actually improved.

My doctor decided against knee replacement surgery and instead opted to monitor my progress. In fact, my doctor said that if within a year I continued to make this kind of progress, I most likely wouldn’t even need to go “under the knife” for a knee replacement.

Well, now 3 years later I’m happy to report that I’m surgery-free, feeling great, and more energetic than ever.

EasyFlex was truly a life-changer for me… and I hope that by sharing my story someone else out there can also start to improve their joint health and maybe even postpone painful surgery.

Update: Since my story was first published, many readers have flooded the Naturology inbox with their own stories of joint pain and wanted to know where they can get EasyFlex.

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