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Are Probiotics Really The Answer?

What You Need To Look For In A Probiotic Supplement.

At Naturology, we like getting our vitamins and nutrients the natural way – through food. But our health experts have convinced us that sometimes food isn’t a strong enough source of certain nutrients. This is especially the case with probiotics, the bacteria that help us with digestion and nutrient absorption, so we decided to delve deeper into the world of probiotic supplements. We wanted to learn what exactly probiotics are, why they’re important, and which products are the best.

What Are Probiotics And Why Do We Need Them?

Your body is made of only 10% human cells. The other 90%? You guessed it: bacteria

This bacteria can affect everything from our digestion to our skin, and even our brain and nervous system. This means that if there's an imbalance, you might notice systems that seemingly have nothing to do with gut problems. 

Here are the top symptoms of a bacterial imbalance:

  • Digestive issues, like gas, bloating, cramps, constipation and IBS
  • Fatigue 
  • Frequent colds and flus that signal a weakened immune system
  • Mood disorders, like depression, irritability, and anxiety
  • Memory problems
  • Skin blemishes, including acne, dryness, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema

Most of us suffer from at least one or two of these symptoms, so what can we do about it? That’s where, theoretically, probiotic supplements come to the rescue.

You’re Wasting Your Money: Most Probiotic Supplements Don’t Work

We know this sounds harsh, but it’s true. Most probiotic supplements on the market aren’t effective. Some are even stuffed with harmful additives and fillers.

But what about the studies proving that probiotics can help whole-body health? They used laboratory-grade strains that have already been clinically tested. That probiotic supplement at the grocery store probably isn't formulated the same way. 

One of our editors was convinced there are no effective probiotic supplements available to the public. It sparked a debate, so we challenged ourselves to find a probiotic supplement with the potency and strain types used in successful lab studies.

We pored through dozens of clinical studies. We compiled a list of ingredients and strains necessary to see the results reflected in the lab. We found the top dangerous additives to avoid. And we were concerned, to say the least.

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You Need Way More From A Probiotic Than You Think: 

Strain Diversity

At least 10 diverse strains


Listed at the end of a strain, this proves that it has been clinically proven to be effective. They look like this: L. Acidophilus La-14TM


Yes, you also need prebiotics to help your probiotics colonize. They’re basically food for your good bacteria.

Number of CFUs

This was the kicker for us. You need at least 45 billion CFUs per serving to get the recommended effective amount of probiotics per day.

Doctor Formulated

Without a respected doctor specializing in gastrointestinal health backing the product, there’s no way to know for sure that the company is legitimate.

Vegetable Capsules

We wanted to keep everything 100% natural, which meant vegetable capsules were an absolute necessity. 

We also needed to make sure that our chosen probiotic supplement didn’t have these elements:

Stay Away From:

Synthetic Chemicals

Avoid probiotic supplements that contain artificial fillers, colors, and binders (magnesium stearate, chromium, gelatin, and silicon dioxide)

Probiotics That Require Refrigeration

These contain strains that aren’t stable, which means they can be ineffective and will likely lose their potency in shipping.

Deceptive Labels

Many companies highlight expensive strains on their labels, but then cut corners by filling their supplement with cheap strains. 

Short Money-Back Guarantees

If they don’t offer at least 60 days to try their probiotic risk-free, then you know that they don’t have faith in their product.

We began our quest as most 21st century editors would: with a Google search. There were hundreds of probiotic supplements to choose from, all promising the same things. We worried the skeptical editor was right. Thankfully, we did find some, and our editor admitted defeat. Saying these probiotics were difficult to find is an understatement, but there really are laboratory grade probiotics available. We listed them here:

#1: 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum

This was the only probiotic supplement we found that includes everything on our list of necessities. It even excels in some places, like its 50 billion CFUs and 11 clinically studied strains. The label also clearly lists each of its substrains.

This probiotic also includes NutraFlora prebiotic fiber all within a 100% vegetarian capsule. Most importantly, we verified that there were absolutely no synthetic fillers or additives.

With a clear cut 90-day money-back guarantee, we felt comfortable knowing we could give this supplement time to work its magic. One of our editors tried it, and noticed results in two weeks

This was the only product we could find that was also endorsed by a gastroenterologist (digestive health physician). That’s huge, considering so many doctors feel uneasy about supporting commercial probiotic blends. With all this in mind, we felt that it meets all the requirements of a laboratory grade probiotic supplement. Thanks to 1MD, we won our challenge!

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#2: LiveWell’s Pro45 Probiotics

After finding 1MD’s probiotic, we figured our search was done. There couldn’t have possibly been another comparable brand out there. But then we came across LiveWell Labs, and their premium Pro45 probiotic supplement.

It contains 45 billion CFUs across 11 different strains. It also uses vegetarian, delayed release capsules, and offers a 365-day unconditional return policy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t endorsed by an MD, but we still felt this was a worthy product to list.

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#3: Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion

We decided to include this probiotic because it also offers 50 billion live cultures and 10 clinically studied strains. That said, it does suggest refrigeration on its label, so you may be losing potency in shipping, and over time. It redeems itself with its 100% natural ingredients and vegetable capsules, but it definitely doesn’t compare to our top two.

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